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Zimbabwe's Economic Prospects

August 7, 2013

Our assignment in #Zimbabwe has come to an end. We hope to be back for Robert #Mugabe 's inauguration later in August. We ended the trip by looking at the country's economic prospects.
On Tuesday the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange fell for the second day in the a row. Trading on the stock exchange is still done the old fashioned way.  #Barclays Bank was one of the biggest losers, losing 20 percent of its value. Investors are clearly nervous about what it is to come now that #ZanuPF has won a two thirds majority. 
The government made it clear to us that they intend to go ahead with their indigenisation programme which would see foreign owned businesses having to give up a majority stake in their companies. 
Meanwhile the evidence continues to mount of massive electoral fraud. Over the last few days the #BBC has seen evidence of fake registration slips and come across voters whose dead relatives appeared on the voters roll.
Here's the TV and radio packages we put together on these issues, reported by Nomsa Maseko:

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