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Zimbabwe Votes

July 31, 2013

I'm in #Zimbabwe to cover the country's #elections . These were some of the many voters who greeted us when we arrived in Mbare, #Harare 's oldest township, to see how voting was going. The long lines of people were calmly waiting in the cold to cast their vote.
The turnover appeared to be a lot higher than last time round. There was also a big press presence as the government allowed in more foreign journalists than on previous occasions. But some press were still kept out. My colleague, the #BBC's Africa correspondent, Andrew Harding, was denied entry by the government. It follows an incident in March when Andrew and his team where attacked while covering a referendum on the new constitution:
It looks like we could be in for a tense few days as we await the results. President Robert #Mugabe , says he will step down if he loses. But it remains to be seen if these elections will be free, fair and credible.
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