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Writing Exams in the Middle of a Conflict

January 16, 2014

We visited the UN's Tomping base in Juba, where 20000 people from the Nuer tribe have sort refuge from the conflict that has hit #SouthSudan in recent weeks.
The violence broke out a day before primary school students were due to take their exams in December. Their teachers turned to the UN for help. This week 500 of them have finally been able to sit their exams in a venue that is normally used as a nightclub for UN staff at the Tomping base.
Many of the students were much older than one would expect to find in primary school. This is because their education has often been disrupted by conflict.
The students we spoke to told us they found it difficult to prepare for their exams in the current conditions. Many had lost their textbooks when they fled the violence. They were also unanimous in their desire for peace and an end to the current hostilities. 

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