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Will Kenya’s Next Elections Be Violent?

August 6, 2012

Graffiti on a downtown wall in Nairobi, summing up how some Kenyans feel about their politicians. Kenya’s elections are still more than six months away, but judging by the daily media coverage, you would think they were happening next month. This is a crucial election for the country as it will be the first time Kenyans will be returning to vote since the disputed 2007 poll that left over 1500 people dead. It will also be held under a new constitution that was negotiated to help deal with some of the causes of the violence.

Although much attention will be focused on Kenya, there are fears the country could be in for more unrest. A recent report by The Small Arms Survey found that 1 in 5 Kenyans expect a repeat of the violence next time round. In anticipation of this, Kenyans are arming themselves. The report found there are now more small arms in the country than ever before.

I traveled with my colleague, Kevin Mwachiro, to Nakuru in the Rift Valley, which witnessed some of the worst clashes in the last election and shot this report about the expectations for violence.

The stills in the beginning of the report are courtesy of Picha Mtaani.

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