Life Inside Erbil’s Baharka camp

Life Inside Erbil's Baharka camp

I’m currently on assignment in northern Iraq. We visited Erbil’s Baharka camp, where several thousand displaced Iraqi’s are now living, after fleeing Islamic State militants. Many of them come from Mosul, Iraq’s second biggest city, which was taken over by IS in June. The camp used to be a cement factory. Now it is home […]

Malaria Spreading In Africa Due To Global Warming

Malaria Spreading In Africa Due To Global Warming

It was World Malaria day this week. The desease remains one of the biggest killers in Sub-Sahara Africa. Sadly we are seeing malaria spreading in Africa. I travelled with my colleague Anne Soy to Kisumu on the banks of Lake Victoria, a traditional malaria hotspot and home to Kemri, Kenya’s main research centre into the […]

South Sudan’s Many Challenges

The second report from the recent trip I did to South Sudan with my colleague, Mike Wooldridge, went out on the BBC this week. It looked at the two areas within South Sudan which are proving to be the most challenging for the young nation. The UN says a new influx of refugees from the […]

Abyei: No Place to Call Home

I’ve been in South Sudan on a week long trip organised by Christian Aid with my colleague Mike Wooldridge. The trip focused on the main trouble spots in the young country, including the disputed area of Abyei. It straddles the north-south border between Sudan and South Sudan and remains the biggest flashpoint left unresolved when […]

Humanitarian Catastrophe at Batil Refugee Camp

Humanitarian Catastrophe at Batil Refugee Camp

I’ve just returned from a tough assignment in South Sudan, to cover one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises, currently unfolding in the Batil refugee camp. Myself and my colleague, James Copnall were sent to report on the situation in the camp, which is in the north east of the country, about 60 miles from […]

Will Kenya’s Next Elections Be Violent?

Will Kenya's Next Elections Be Violent?

Graffiti on a downtown wall in Nairobi, summing up how some Kenyans feel about their politicians. Kenya’s elections are still more than six months away, but judging by the daily media coverage, you would think they were happening next month. This is a crucial election for the country as it will be the first time […]

Nigeria’s First Olympic Canoeist

All the world’s attention is currently on London for the 2012 Olympics. When Africa and the Olympics are mentioned together, one immediately thinks of long distance runners from Kenya or the football exploits of Ghana and Cameroon. But more and more Africans are branching into other sports that haven’t been traditionally African. Take the case […]

Refugees from the Paradise Island of Zanzibar

Over the weekend, I undertook one of the most bizarre journeys imaginable, flying from Nairobi to Mogadishu and then onto the paradise island of Zanzibar. We went on a trip with the UNHCR to cover a story about a group of refugees who fled paradise only to end up living in one of the most […]

Rwanda and Burundi: 50 years of Independence

Rwanda and Burundi are celebrating 50 years of independence. Ahead of the anniversary, I traveled to both countries with my colleague Kevin Mwachiro to report on how these two tiny African nations have developed since independence and look at their prospects. Below are the television packages we filed on each country.

How to Make Smoother Audio Transitions in FCP

How to Make Smoother Audio Transitions in FCP

One of the things I have battled with when moving from photography into video is audio, particularly when it comes to editing in Final Cut Pro (FCP). It has not been something I had to think about it the past. But as one BBC correspondent told me, “You need good audio to make a good […]

Swiss Alps Under Threat from Tourism

Swiss Alps Under Threat from Tourism

Recently I traveled to Switzerland to shoot some news features with the BBC’s local correspondent, Imogen Foulkes. This is one of the reports we did, which looks at how tourism is ruining the Swiss Alps. We filmed around the resort of Zermatt, home to the iconic Matterhorn. A 100 years ago Zermatt was a sleepy village, now […]

Images from the Aftermath of the Earthquake in Ercis

Here are some more images I took in Ercis, the town worst hit by the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that struck the southeast of Turkey on the 23 October 2011. Covering the aftermath of this earthquake was tough. Things got off to a bad start when our connecting flight was advertised at the wrong time at […]

The Day the Libyan Rebels Received Piles of Cash

I’ve been in Libya for the last week filming and producing for the BBC in Benghazi with correspondent Jon Leyne and producer Shaimaa Khalil. The trip has yielded some interesting surprises, including laying my eyes on a fortune in cash. On Wednesday evening we got a call from the British embassy telling us to be […]