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Thoughts on the South Sudan Conflict

May 9, 2014

Back from a very demanding trip to #SouthSudan. It is shocking what impact the South Sudan conflict has had on the country. Thousands killed because of their ethnicity and over a million people displaced. The country’s people deserve much better.
It is a very promising development that Salva Kiir and his rival Riek Machar have met for the first time since the conflict began and signed a peace deal. But the question is will it hold and can they control their troops? There is also a deep mistrust between the two leaders. A commentator on the radio said they have a history of yelling at each other. Ethiopia’s Hailemariam should have locked them in a room and made them yell at each other until they had got it out of their systems so that they don’t go to war ever again. Even if a peace deal holds a massive aid effort will be required into next year to alleviate the humanitarian consequences of the conflict.
Here’s our TV report for the BBC’s Ten o’clock news which sums up the craziness of the fighting and the growing humanitarian crisis, reported by Al Leithead and shot by Phil Davies.

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