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The UK could learn from Pulitzer winner

April 19, 2011

Its good to see LA Times photographer, Barbara Davidson winning a Pulitzer for her excellent series on the victims of gang violence in the Los Angeles area.  The award goes to prove that it pays to allow journalists and photographers to invest time and energy on stories. This is becoming a rare thing as financial pressures force newspapers to adopt a short term strategy.

Davidson spent nearly two years working on the project. Had she not been allowed to do so she would not have gained the trust of those caught up in the street violence that allowed her the access to capture such intimate and extraordinary photographs.

In the UK, it is this kind of coverage that is lacking when it comes to reporting on the growing problem of gang violence over here.  This is not surprising when you consider British newspapers are more interested in spending their  money chasing stories about celebrities. UK editors should take note of the fact that Davidson’s photos struck a chord with readers of the LA Times.  I’m sure the same happen here if British newspapers invested in quality journalism.

Click here to see  Davidson’s images. You can also read more on Davidson and the other Pulitzer winners on the LA Times blog, Framework and on the New York Times Lens blog.

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