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Burundi’s Political Crisis

Burundi's Political Crisis

#Burundi's President #PierreNkurunziza gave a bizarre press conference to the international media over the weekend. He made no mention of last week’s coup. Instead he said there was a threat against #Burundi, #Uganda and #Kenya from #AlShabab.

It’s Easy to Buy Fake HIV Test Results in Uganda

It's Easy to Buy Fake HIV Test Results in Uganda

Over the last month I have been working on a #BBC investigation with my colleagues in Kampala, showing just how easy it is to buy fake HIV test results in #Uganda. Our report on this is going out the BBC today. The faking of results is happening because of the deep rooted stigmatisation that still […]

Postcard from Kampala

Postcard from Kampala

I’ve just wrapped up another trip to #Kampala to complete filming for a story I have been working on for the #BBC. Kampala has a lot going for it. The city is cleaner and greener than Nairobi. Although it also suffers form traffic, it is no where near as bad as #Nairobi. One reason for […]