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Welcoming Home Nelson Mandela’s Body

Some images I took on the road into Mthatha as local residents waited to welcome home the body of Nelson Mandela after it was flown back from Waterkloof military airbase in Pretoria. It felt more like a party than a funeral. People cheered as the cortege carrying his body drove past. They were not doing […]

Celebrating Nelson Mandela's Life

I'm in South Africa as part of the BBC team covering the death of Nelson #Mandela. This photo was taken in Vilakazi Street in #Soweto where Mandela and his family lived before he went to prison. The joy in these people's faces may seem odd to some at a time of morning but it is […]

Downtown Johannesburg

Downtown Johannesburg

This #photo looks like it was taken in a big US city. It was in fact taken in downtown #Johannesburg on the so called Nelson #Mandela bridge.The image challenges the stereotypes we have of Africa as backward and under developed.We were on the Nelson Mandela bridge to canvas opinion about the birth of the royal […]

Capturing Mandela's birthday

This is my favourite photo of the crowds that gathered to celebrate Nelson #Mandela's 95th birthday. I took it outside the hospital in Pretoria where he has been staying since June the 8th. Throughout the day people turned up to leave messages at the tribute wall and to celebrate his life. It was a real […]

Nelson Mandela's 95th Birthday

Nelson Mandela's 95th Birthday

Today is International #Mandela Day, commemorating Nelson Mandela's 95th birthday. South Africans are being urged to match his 67 years of public service with 67 minutes of charitable acts. All over #SouthAfrica you will find messages like this. I took the photo in Alexandra township in #Johannesburg where Mandela lived in the 1940s. The mural […]

Preparing to celebrate Mandela's birthday

Preparing to celebrate Mandela's birthday

This Thursday the 18th of July #SouthAfrica will celebrate Nelson #Mandela 's 95th birthday. Already there have been a spate of events around the country to honour him.On Sunday I went along to one such event at Betrams junior school in Johannesburg. The photo shows two of Mandela's grandchildren, Zondwa and Zoleka, who visited the school […]

Remembering Liliesleaf

I feel like I have been on a big history lesson this week. In the course of covering the 50th anniversary of the raid on #Liliesleaf farm on the northern outskirts of Johannesburg, I learnt a lot about this important chapter in the struggle to overthrow  #Apartheid . It is not a well know fact […]

Fiftieth anniversary of the raid on Liliesleaf

Fiftieth anniversary of the raid on Liliesleaf

Our live position today for the #BBC from #Liliesleaf in Rivonia on the northern outskirts of Johannesburg. Fifty years ago, on 11th July 1963, it was the site of a police raid which had a dramatic impact on the anti-apartheid struggle. Nelson #Mandela had been arrested the previous year and was already in prison, but […]

One month since Mandela went into hospital

It's a month since Nelson #Mandela was admitted to hospital in Pretoria with a recurring lung infection. He remains in a critical but stable condition. Even in this late stage of his life, Mandela's fighting spirit still shines through. It reminds me of his boxing skills, captured in this photo of the work, "Shadow Boxing", by […]

Mandela in Hospital Day 29

Mandela in Hospital Day 29

It's been four weeks since Nelson #Mandela was admitted to hospital and they are still coming to light candles, leave flowers and put up messages on the tribute wall in Pretoria. "We love you Madiba" say the words on this candle. The media presence, although diminished, is also still here. Check out these two articles on the […]

Mandela in Hospital Day 28

The focus was back on the hospital in Pretoria today where Nelson #Mandela  remains critically ill, after the drama of the last week regarding his family's affairs.The Nigerian community in #SouthAfrica (pictured here) were among the people coming to wish him well. The true state of Mandela's health remains unclear. Documents from this week's family court battle […]

Mandela in Hospital Day 27

Today the focus was very much on Qunu rather than Pretoria as the   #Mandela family soap opera continued while Nelson Mandela lay critically ill in hospital.In all the coverage so far, no one appears to have adequately answered why the family waited for 2 years to take his grandson #Mandla to court over the removal […]

Mandela in Hospital Day 26

Mandela in Hospital Day 26

As the #Mandela family soap opera plays out in the Eastern Cape Province, get well messages continue to build up outside the Pretoria heart hospital where Nelson Mandela remains critically ill.He is often referred to as the "father of the nation" and many of the notes are addressed to "tata" meaning father.I shot a high […]

Mandela in Hospital Day 25

Mandela in Hospital Day 25

One of the members of the the #BBC team out in #SouthAfrica at the moment to cover Nelson #Mandela 's hospitalisation was also around to cover his release from prison. The story of how Mike Wooldridge (pictured above) managed to file on the historic event is legendary. It also illustrates just how much technology has […]

Mandela in Hospital Day 24

The tribute wall outside the hospital where Nelson #Mandela   is being treated, has turned into a tourist attraction. I saw scores of people coming down today to have their photo taken, holding up one of the posters, flowers or gifts that had been left for him. Not all of them were South Africans. I […]

Mandela in Hospital Day 23

The end to another dramatic week in #SouthAfrica . It started with the news that Nelson #Mandela 's health had taken a turn for the worse and ended on a more uplifting note with reports his condition has improved. Along the way there have been accusations from his oldest daughter, Makaziwe Mandela, that the media […]

Mandela in Hospital Day 22

There were fewer crowds today at the hospital in Pretoria where Nelson #Mandela is staying. The vigils were also smaller and more subdued. The latest news is that his condition has improved. Attention switched to the visit by President #Obama to the country. Artists left these portraits of Mandela and Obama on the tribute wall […]

Mandela in Hospital Day 21

Mandela in Hospital Day 21

It was a bit quieter at the hospital in Pretoria where Nelson #Mandela is being treated. The ANC came in for a lot of flack overnight for politicising the vigils for him outside the hospital. ANC supporters were bussed in and were seen selling t-shirts and other memorabilia with his image on it, such as […]

Mandela in Hospital Day 20

Everyday the scenes outside the hospital where Nelson #Mandela is battling ill health seem to change dramatically. Today was no exception. There was a massive increase in the number of people coming to the Pretoria hospital to wish him well and show their admiration for Mandela.Crowds of people sang and chanted his name late into […]

Mandela in Hospital Day 19

The wall outside the hospital where Nelson Mandela lies in a critical condition has become the focal point for tributes to him. In the last 24 hours there has been a big increase the number of cards and flowers left at the Pretoria hospital.  Many of the tributes are from children and young people not even […]

Mandela in Hospital Day 18

There was an even bigger surge in the media contingent outside the hospital today where Nelson #Mandela is receiving treatment. Every available space was taken up. The cameraman in the above photo, perched himself on a wall overlooking the entrance to the hospital.Many more members of the public also came to leave flowers and messages […]

Mandela in Hospital Day 17

We returned to the hospital in Pretoria where Nelson #Mandela is being treated to find a completely different atmosphere from last week. The news overnight that Mandela's condition had deteriorated resulted in the media flocking back to the hospital. A line of correspondents could be seen doing TV lives at the same time, including my […]

Mandela in Hospital Day 14

Nelson #Mandela has now been in hospital for two weeks. He is expected to be discharged and go home “soon” says his grandson Ndaba Mandela. The public continue to leave cards and flowers outside the hospital, including this bunch of roses. The message in the card reads, "Dear Mr Mandela. South Africa prays for you. […]

Mandela in Hospital Day 13

A hand made poster for Nelson #Mandela by the Pretoria Montessori Pre-School left outside the hospital where he is being treated. One message reads: “He did so much for us. We can go to school now with everyone. Their teacher, Vanessa Smeets tells me: “Our kids love him so much. They are so intelligent. We […]