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Mali Steps up Ebola Precautions

Mali Steps up Ebola Precautions

  Our latest report from #Mali looks at how the country is preparing for #Ebola . So far there has only been one case of a 2 year old girl who died after travelling from Guinea.

Testing an Ebola Vaccine in Mali

Testing an Ebola Vaccine in Mali

  I'm in #Mali 's capital Bamako to cover #Africa 's first #Ebola vaccine trial. So far preliminary results from the trial look promising.

British Soldiers Training The Malian Army

This week I returned to Mali to work with the BBC’s new correspondent in the country, Alex Duval Smith. We travelled to Koulikoro, about an hour’s drive from the capital Bamako, where a group of British soldiers are training the Malian army. They have joined a European mission trying to turn Mali’s army into a […]

Photos from Konna after it was recaptured

Some photos taken in Konna, in northern Mali, after it was liberated by the French. Its capture by Islamist fighters just over two weeks ago prompted Mali’s call for international help. Click here to see the TV report on the town I shot with the BBC’s Mark Doyle.

Visiting the Venice of Africa in Mali’s war zone

Visiting the Venice of Africa in Mali's war zone

This is the sight that greeted us when we finally got to Mopti, the Venice of Africa, on the banks of the Niger River in Northern Mali. It was such a relief to arrive here. In fact it felt a bit like we had arrived in paradise.