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Postcard from Tripoli: Final Thoughts

Postcard from Tripoli: Final Thoughts

This is a photo of the theatre at Leptis Magna, one of Libya’s many undiscovered gems. My three week trip to the country with my colleagues, correspondent Mark Lowen, and shoot edit Ian Druce has come to an end. It coincided with a quiet time on the news front so we spent most of the […]

The Key Challenge Facing Libya in 2012

One of the stories we have been working in Libya, about the key challenge facing the country in the post Gaddafi era, went out on the BBC today. It focuses on the need to disarm the various militia that toppled the old regime and persuade them to integrate into a new national security force. If […]

The Day the Libyan Rebels Received Piles of Cash

I’ve been in Libya for the last week filming and producing for the BBC in Benghazi with correspondent Jon Leyne and producer Shaimaa Khalil. The trip has yielded some interesting surprises, including laying my eyes on a fortune in cash. On Wednesday evening we got a call from the British embassy telling us to be […]