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Zimbabwe Votes

Zimbabwe Votes

I'm in #Zimbabwe to cover the country's #elections . These were some of the many voters who greeted us when we arrived in Mbare, #Harare 's oldest township, to see how voting was going. The long lines of people were calmly waiting in the cold to cast their vote. The turnover appeared to be a […]

The Supreme Court of Kenya Ruling

These photos were taken on my iphone outside the Supreme Court of Kenya on the day of it’s ruling on the validity of the country’s presidential elections. The decision came late at 5pm. At first light a large exclusion zone was set up around the court. As the day wore on more and more supporters […]

Will Kenya’s Next Elections Be Violent?

Will Kenya's Next Elections Be Violent?

Graffiti on a downtown wall in Nairobi, summing up how some Kenyans feel about their politicians. Kenya’s elections are still more than six months away, but judging by the daily media coverage, you would think they were happening next month. This is a crucial election for the country as it will be the first time […]