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Al-Shabaab Recruiting in Kenya

Al-Shabaab Recruiting in Kenya

As we approach the one year anniversary of the Westgate shopping mall siege in Nairobi, we’ve been taking a closer look at the Al-Qaeda linked Somali Islamist group Al-Shabaab, which claimed responsibility for the deadly attack. It appears to be targeting Kenyans in its latest recruitment drive, rather than Somalis. Some of those new recruits […]

Reporting on Kenya’s Oil Prospects

Reporting on Kenya's Oil Prospects

The second report from our recent trip to #Turkana in Northern #Kenya has been broadcast on the #BBC . It looks at the prospects for oil in this remote region of the country. Turkana is one of the poorest parts of Kenya but it is also potentially the richest, thanks to the large underground aquifers that […]

Postcard from Harare

These were some of the thousands of school children who turned out to wish Robert #Mugabe a happy 90th birthday over the weekend. It makes him the oldest statesman in Africa and the second oldest in the world after Shimon Peres.The kid in a the middle of the pic is a reminder that not everyone […]

Happy Birthday Dira TV

#Blog   #BBC    #Africa   Reshared post from +BBC Africa BBC Swahili TV programme marks one year since it started. It has become a very popular news programme in East and Central Africa. This is the team behind all that you see on TV. Happy birthday Dira ya Dunia TV!

Zimbabwe's Economic Prospects

Our assignment in #Zimbabwe has come to an end. We hope to be back for Robert #Mugabe 's inauguration later in August. We ended the trip by looking at the country's economic prospects.On Tuesday the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange fell for the second day in the a row. Trading on the stock exchange is still done […]

Zimbabwe Votes

I'm in #Zimbabwe to cover the country's #elections . These were some of the many voters who greeted us when we arrived in Mbare, #Harare 's oldest township, to see how voting was going. The long lines of people were calmly waiting in the cold to cast their vote. The turnover appeared to be a […]

Fiftieth anniversary of the raid on Liliesleaf

Our live position today for the #BBC from #Liliesleaf in Rivonia on the northern outskirts of Johannesburg. Fifty years ago, on 11th July 1963, it was the site of a police raid which had a dramatic impact on the anti-apartheid struggle. Nelson #Mandela had been arrested the previous year and was already in prison, but […]

Mandela in Hospital Day 25

One of the members of the the #BBC team out in #SouthAfrica at the moment to cover Nelson #Mandela 's hospitalisation was also around to cover his release from prison. The story of how Mike Wooldridge (pictured above) managed to file on the historic event is legendary. It also illustrates just how much technology has […]

Supermoon Photos

Some great photos on the #BBC website of last night 's #Supermoon. My favourite one is from Erfurt in #Germany taken by Wolfram Schubert. #Blog #Photography Reshared post from +BBC News Did you spy the "supermoon" last night? Earth's satellite appears much bigger and brighter when it reaches its closest point, known as a […]

Mandela in Hospital Day 12

Another day at the #BBC “office” for myself and correspondent James Copnall, outside the hospital in Pretoria where Nelson #Mandela is being treated. Each day the press contingent here diminishes. There have been no new updates from the government since their last statement a few days ago that Mandela remains in a serious but stable […]

South Sudan’s Many Challenges

The second report from the recent trip I did to South Sudan with my colleague, Mike Wooldridge, went out on the BBC this week. It looked at the two areas within South Sudan which are proving to be the most challenging for the young nation. The UN says a new influx of refugees from the […]

What’s Behind the Rise of Islamic Extremism in Kenya

What's Behind the Rise of Islamic Extremism in Kenya

Mombasa’s main beach, hardly a tourist in sight during what should be a busy period. Local traders say the recent riots in Kenya’s coastal city, following the killing of a Muslim cleric, has scared away many foreign visitors. It’s feared there could be more unrest, as support for Islamic extremism grows.

Humanitarian Catastrophe at Batil Refugee Camp

Humanitarian Catastrophe at Batil Refugee Camp

I’ve just returned from a tough assignment in South Sudan, to cover one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises, currently unfolding in the Batil refugee camp. Myself and my colleague, James Copnall were sent to report on the situation in the camp, which is in the north east of the country, about 60 miles from […]

Will Kenya’s Next Elections Be Violent?

Will Kenya's Next Elections Be Violent?

Graffiti on a downtown wall in Nairobi, summing up how some Kenyans feel about their politicians. Kenya’s elections are still more than six months away, but judging by the daily media coverage, you would think they were happening next month. This is a crucial election for the country as it will be the first time […]

Tooway Live Video Streaming

I’ve been in Athens for most of the past week, working as a producer and cameraman with the BBC’s new Athens correspondent, Mark Lowen. We have been covering the fallout from the economic crisis in Greece which has forced the Prime Minister, George Papandreou, to step down. It’s my first deployment covering a story where […]

Images from the Aftermath of the Earthquake in Ercis

Here are some more images I took in Ercis, the town worst hit by the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that struck the southeast of Turkey on the 23 October 2011. Covering the aftermath of this earthquake was tough. Things got off to a bad start when our connecting flight was advertised at the wrong time at […]

The Day the Libyan Rebels Received Piles of Cash

I’ve been in Libya for the last week filming and producing for the BBC in Benghazi with correspondent Jon Leyne and producer Shaimaa Khalil. The trip has yielded some interesting surprises, including laying my eyes on a fortune in cash. On Wednesday evening we got a call from the British embassy telling us to be […]

Using the iPhone as a Newsgathering Tool

Using the iPhone as a Newsgathering Tool

The BBC is rolling out a new course to train its journalists on how to use the iPhone to gather news material for television, radio and online. I was one of the first people to go on the new course and found it very useful. We were given tips on how get the most out […]

Whoonga: A New Twist in the Fight Against Aids

A story I filmed during my recent trip to South Africa with reporter Jonah Fisher, is being broadcast on BBC World this weekend. It focuses on a new drug that is becoming popular in the country’s townships. The drug is called Whoonga and is a cocktail of various substances. One of these is the anti-retroviral […]

Cross Bones: A Very Unusual Graveyard

My first photofilm has been published on the BBC’s website. Its about Cross Bones, a long-forgotten graveyard in London, with an very unusual history. I first discovered it earlier this year, while walking around the London Bridge area with a friend of mine. We came to Redcross Way and she said, “I want to show […]

On The Frontline In Afghanistan

 On The Frontline In Afghanistan

The BBC have posted a slideshow on their news website, which offers and very human and intimate look at what life is like for British soldiers fighting in Afghanistan. The photos were taken by Captain Alexander Allan, during a six month deployment to Helmand Province. If you have 5 minutes to spare, check out this […]

The Afghan War

 The Afghan War

This week I attended the BBC’s News Festival. Its an annual event where organisation’s staff get to hear leading figures inside and outside the organisation debate the issues dominating the headlines and the challenges facing the media. I was looking forward to listening to Helen Boaden, the head of BBC news. Her session proved a […]