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Sometimes Miracles Do Happen

April 13, 2015


My #BBC camera kit that I thought I would never see again after it "disappeared" at #Johannesburg 's main airport.
Ten days ago I had an awful experience at #OliverTamboAirport when a bag with my BBC video camera and all the accessories, worth several thousand pounds, went missing after some unscrupulous porters put my luggage into a cab without me asking for their assistance. Needless to say I was devastated when I discovered the bag was gone and spent a frantic few hours back at the airport with the police trying to track down the culprits.
Given the airport's poor reputation when it comes to theft, I had resigned myself to never seeing the camera and the rest of the kit again.
A week later the airport contacted me to say my camera bag had turned up. They had no idea who handed it in. But yesterday I picked it up and everything was still in there including the camera.
Thank you Oliver Tambo Airport. Maybe you are not so bad after all.
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