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Robbed at the Gaddafi’s London Mansion

March 22, 2012

When I am old and grey and somebody asks me what was the most bizarre experience of my journalistic career, I will probably mention this day.
I went out filming today with Rana Jawad, the BBC’s Tripoli correspondent who is in London at the moment. We decided to do a story about what is being done to regain control of the London assets of the regimes toppled in the Arab spring. Rana had arranged to do an interview with Libya’s deputy ambassador to London at the mansion of Saadi Gaddafi which the new government is in the process of reclaiming.
The mansion is in a quiet cu-d-sac, off what is commonly known as millionaires row in London, the most expensive residential street in the capital. The house is partially concealed from the road by a hedge and has a circular driver that takes you to the front door. We had decided to do the interview at the front door. I had set up my camera and was in the process of miking up the deputy ambassador, when I heard the sound of a motorbike coming down the driveway. I turned and saw two guys dressed in black on a motorbike. The mansion is currently occupied by Libyans looking after it for the new government. I assumed the guys on the bike were either staying there or friends of the residents. The bike came to a stop just behind me. After that everything appeared to occur in slow motion. The guy on the back of the bike picked up the camera and the tripod and they sped up the driveway. The cord for the microphone which I was holding was still attached to the camera, it snapped and I started running after them, but they were too fast for me. The last image I saw of my camera was of a guy on the back of the bike, holding the camera and tripod as they sped down the road.
We were in a state of complete shock. Never in a million years did we expect anything like this to happen in the most exclusive neighborhood in London. Speaking to the guys who live in the mansion after the incident, they told us they had to be constantly on their guard. The house has been attacked by pro-Gaddafi supporters and they always make sure there is at least on person in the mansion at all times.
Sadly, the incident happened after I had been filming in the house and the robbers got away with all the footage still in the camera. What can I say? Given the layout, they had to be watching the house to know when to drive down the driveway. It is just very bizarre that something like this can happen in London. I have filmed all over the world and never had any problems. And then I film outside Saaadi Gaddafi’s mansion in London and my camera gets stolen by two guys dressed in black on a motorbike. Too coincidental to be a robbery!
Rana told me it felt like she was back in the clutches of the Gaddafis. She has never been robbed in all the years she lived in Tripoli and had managed to escape unharmed during the uprising. We discussed the incident afterwards and we decided it has made us even more determined to do this story. We won’t let those thugs stop us!

2 Responses to “Robbed at the Gaddafi’s London Mansion”

  1. kodimirpal says:

    Good news. Thousands of third world politicians, high ranking bureaucrats and tax evaders do exactly same thing. Gaddafi’s son’s asset is a pea-nut compared to this.

    The Swiss banks use the so called confidentiality clause deliberately to rob the third world nations and help the dishonest, wicked, corrupt and filthy third world politicians to milk their people and keep their booty secretly.

    This money illegally earned is kept by the western banks, is misused to finance illegal wars, insurgents and secret operations, to destabilise third world democracies and to help drug trade by officials, politicians and the worlds filthy rich . No nation can do anything about this stolen money.

    The most interesting thing about this is that the stolen money comes back to poor developing countries in the form of World Bank and IMF loans and some poor nations pay more by way of interest on the loan than the Principal. USA and Europe know this dirty game but they deliberately allow this corrupt politicians to thrive because it helps to destabilise any nation that they want to destabilise

  2. kodimirpal says:

    Far too many third world politicians who run democracies steal much more than Gaddafis and keep in Swiss Numbered Accounts.

    Who does anything about it?

    Indian politicians alone keep over US$500 Billion.

    UNO can do something about the ill-gotten booty of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats .

    The UNO can bring an international law saying that once a person holds political power or senior admin job, his numbered Swiss bank accounts are to be fully revealed and become transparent.

    But the UNO is an exclusive American club and the US will not co-operate, may even veto such a resolution because this will hamper the billions of dollars that Zionist Banks make in the world from the blood of the poor.

    Unless the UNO passes a security council resolution making it illegal to allow numbered accounts by the political leaders of any nation and the resolution is strictly implemented.

    Poor nations from where the money is stolen are small powers in this dirty game. Only the US can do something, they will not do because of the huge American Zionist interest in the world banking system. The US political leadership survives by it.

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