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Reporting on Kenya’s Oil Prospects

March 15, 2014

Kenya Oil

The second report from our recent trip to #Turkana in Northern #Kenya has been broadcast on the #BBC . It looks at the prospects for oil in this remote region of the country.
Turkana is one of the poorest parts of Kenya but it is also potentially the richest, thanks to the large underground aquifers that were recently discovered here, covered in our first report, and the discovery of oil.
UK based, #Tullow  Oil, has drilled seven discovery wells in Turkana and all have yielded encouraging results. The company is now working out how big the potential oil field is before moving onto the production phase. The first barrels of oil could be commercially produced within a few years but already there are expectations among the poor nomadic community that their lives are about to change for the better. For them this can’t come soon enough. There have been protests against the company to give them more jobs even though production has not yet started. Here’s the TV report I filmed with reporter, Emmanuel Igunza:
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