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Mozambique Elections

October 13, 2014


I'm in #Mozambique for the country's elections on the 15th. The campaigning has generally been peaceful despite reports of clashes in the north between supporters of the ruling #Frelimo and opposition party #Renamo .
Over the weekend we attended a colourful rally by Frelimo's #FilipeNyusi , where this photo was taken. The rally was surprisingly small given it is the governing party.
These are seen as the first truly democratic elections since independence, thanks to reforms in the country's electoral system. But that has introduced some uncertainty about the final result. The economy is also a big issue as unemployment is very high despite Mozambique enjoying several years of good growth.
On top of all this, the youth vote is also interesting as the first generation born since the end of the civil war will be voting.
Here's our TV package, reported by Emmanuel Igunza and shot by me: #blog

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