Nigeria’s First Olympic Canoeist

All the world’s attention is currently on London for the 2012 Olympics. When Africa and the Olympics are mentioned together, one immediately thinks of long distance runners from Kenya or the football exploits of Ghana and Cameroon. But more and more Africans are branching into other sports that haven’t been traditionally African. Take the case […]

Robbed at the Gaddafi’s London Mansion

Robbed at the Gaddafi's London Mansion

When I am old and grey and somebody asks me what was the most bizarre experience of my journalistic career, I will probably mention this day. I went out filming today with Rana Jawad, the BBC’s Tripoli correspondent who is in London at the moment. We decided to do a story about what is being […]

The Story Behind Benghazi’s Brightest Graffiti Artist

I’m now in Holland working on my next assignment after spending the last few weeks in Libya and Egypt. I’ll always remember my time in Libya with great fondness. The place is alive with energy and optimism following Gaddafi’s removal from power. The country has a lot of potential and a bright future ahead, if […]

The Road to Freedom

This is my latest multimedia project that I made for a charity in South Africa. The country has one of the highest levels of domestic violence in the world, despite introducing legislation in 1998 to try combat the problem. Sadly, there is often little empathy or comprehension of the consequences for the victims of domestic […]

What’s your life story?

Over the last few days I’ve been thinking a lot about life, the universe and everything. I came across these words from Jonathan Harris, that make a lot of sense to me: “No matter what you do in your life, what you create, what career you have, whether you have a family or make a […]

Finding Heroes in Unlikely Places

Finding Heroes in Unlikely Places

I was looking forward to seeing a movie with friends. I wasn’t expecting to have my views challenged. And I certainly wasn’t expecting to cry. But that’s exactly what happened after watching “Sisters in Law”. The movie is extraordinary on so many levels. Its about two black women, tough-minded state prosecutor Vera Ngassa and Court […]

Finding Inspiration

Finding Inspiration

All too often we get caught up in our daily lives and forget to take time out to enjoy and appreciate our surroundings. I’m very fortunate to live in London, one of the most amazing cities in the world. I don’t just live in London, I live smack bang in the very heart of the […]

Inspired by David Horvath

Its so easy to focus on the negative and listen to all those people who tell us that we won’t ever be able to achieve our dreams. I have found myself falling into that trap recently, until I read David Horvath’s interview in SUBvert magazine. He is an artist, toy designer and co-creater of the […]

A New Start

 A New Start

You may have noticed that I have been very quiet recently. I turned 40 in November and had a little midlife crisis. I felt I had lost a lot of my creative edge and with it my passion for photography. I was spending all my time shooting for clients and no time photographing just for […]