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Images from the Aftermath of the Earthquake in Ercis

October 31, 2011

Here are some more images I took in
Ercis, the town worst hit by the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that struck the southeast of Turkey on the 23 October 2011.
Covering the aftermath of this earthquake was tough. Things got off to a bad start when our connecting flight was advertised at the wrong time at Ankara airport. It meant we had to catch a later flight which only landed after midnight. On top of that Turkish Airlines managed to lose two of my suitcases, including the one containing all my clothes. The handle on my tripod also got smashed in the hold of the plane. Fortunately, I managed to borrow some warm clothes and a tripod from my BBC colleagues. But it did teach me a valuable lesson. In future I’ll split my clothes just in case my luggage gets lost again and I’ll use some of my clothes for padding around my tripod.
The first day we were in Ercis, was also very stessful. Our equipment kept on failing and it was difficult to find a good spot for doing lives or feeding material back to London as the place was swarming with media. There was no water or food available in the town, and we worked for nearly 12 hours straight before getting anything to eat or drink. The second day went a lot better. We found a spot away from the rest of the media which made it a lot easier to work. There were also some friendly locals nearby who generously supplied us with warm tea and food throughout the day. I will always remember the kindness they showed us in such tragic circumstances.
Here is Jonathan Head’s TV report for the BBC’s one o’clock news bulletin which I shot and edited on the second day of our trip.

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