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Historic Victory for Buhari

March 31, 2015


People celebrating on the streets of #Kano following the news that the leader of the opposition in #Nigeria, Muhammadu #Buhari, had made history and beaten an incumbent president for the first time in the country’s history.
The results took ages to trickle out, but by 5pm local time, with still 3 states to declare their results, it was clear that he had won. And that’s when Kano came alive.
For the past few days this city has been like a ghost town as people nervously awaited the results, remembering what happened last time when Buhari lost to #GoodluckJonathan and violence broke out, claiming many lives.
But when it was clear their man had won, the city woke up. People took to the streets, tooting their horns and celebrating his victory.
Many brandished traditional brooms, the symbol of Buhari’s APC party, which promised to sweep away the corruption and incompetence of the current regime.
Here’s the report we filed on the jubilation and celebration in the streets of Kano, reported by Abdulahi Kaura Abubakar, produced by Charlotte Attwood and shot by me:
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