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Goodbye Komla

January 20, 2014

This image is from a TV report I filmed with #KomlaDumor at a travel expo in South Africa last year. During our filming we met some Maasai warriors. They gave him the Maasai name "Tobeko"  which means "you will live forever" because they said he was a "mountain of a man" and he would live forever.
On that trip I asked him if he planned to return to Ghana one day. Komla said he definitely wanted to return to go into politics. He did not want to be a journalist, sit on the fence and criticise politicians for the rest of his life. At some stage he said he wanted to try his hand at politics and hopefully make a difference.
He was incredibly popular in Ghana. I remember walking away from our conversation feeling very hopeful, because Africa needs leaders like Komla and I thought I would not be surprised if he became President of Ghana one day. Sadly that is not to be.
Komla's unexpected death over the weekend is a massive loss for the BBC, for Africa and for the world but his spirit will live forever in our hearts.

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