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Capturing Mandela's birthday

July 19, 2013

This is my favourite photo of the crowds that gathered to celebrate Nelson #Mandela's 95th birthday. I took it outside the hospital in Pretoria where he has been staying since June the 8th.
Throughout the day people turned up to leave messages at the tribute wall and to celebrate his life. It was a real carnival atmosphere, unlike anything I have experienced since Mandela went into hospital over 40 days ago. Many sang and danced the old protest songs from the days of Apartheid.
This young girl punched her fist into the air like Mandela did when he finally emerged from prison after 27 years. The image also sums up the hope, pride and respect Mandela's name generates in #SouthAfrica and around the world from all generations.

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  1. Nelson mandela zindabad..

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