I’m a video journalist for the BBC, currently based in Nairobi. I’ve covered major news events around the African continent and the Middle East, including in Burundi, Egypt, Ethiopia, Gaza, Iraq, Libya, Kenya, Mali, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, Somalia, South Africa, South Sudan, Turkey and Zimbabwe.

This is my personal website and contains a selection of my work for the BBC as well as my photography. I shot, edited and produced everything featured on here. The views expressed on this website are my personal opinions and not those of the BBC.

I trained as an economist but was drawn to journalism. In 1993 I was appointed economics correspondent for Business Day newspaper, covering South Africa’s first democratic election and the formulation of the ANC’s economic policy during Nelson Mandela’s presidency. In 1995 I moved into television, producing the country’s first daily business news programme.

In 1997 I relocated to London to produce a European morning show for CNBC, the international business news channel. I rose up the ranks to become the planning editor for the channel’s European news coverage.¬†After 5 years at CNBC, I joined the BBC’s newsgathering operation, specialising in the coverage of foreign news for television, radio and online. I’ve been based in Nairobi since 2012.

The BBC has given me the opportunity to combine my experience in journalism with a long held interest in photography. My work has increasingly taken on a multimedia dimension, using video, audio and photography to tell compelling stories from around Africa and the Middle East.

A more detailed CV is available on my Linked In page.