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A Historic Day for Nigeria

May 29, 2015


A painting of Muhammadu #Buhari on display at an exhibition of #Nigeria's past leaders, taking place in #Abuja to coincide with his inauguration as the country's 15th head of state.
He defeated incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan in the general elections in March. It is the first time that a leader of the country has willingly handed over power to the opposition.
Expectations are riding high that Buhari will bring much needed change to Nigeria and tackle a long list of problems currently inflicting the country, such as the #BokoHaram insurgency, corruption, fuel shortages, erratic electricity, high unemployment and slow economic growth.
I've been in Abuja to cover the historic event. Here's the TV piece I shot with my colleague Abdullahi Kaura Abubaker looking at what is the number one issue people want Buhari to focus on:
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