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A Historic Day for Nigeria

A Historic Day for Nigeria

  A painting of Muhammadu #Buhari on display at an exhibition of #Nigeria's past leaders, taking place in #Abuja to coincide with his inauguration as the country's 15th head of state.

Burundi’s Political Crisis

Burundi's Political Crisis

#Burundi's President #PierreNkurunziza gave a bizarre press conference to the international media over the weekend. He made no mention of last week’s coup. Instead he said there was a threat against #Burundi, #Uganda and #Kenya from #AlShabab.

Xenophobia in South Africa’s Schools

Xenophobia in South Africa's Schools

Graffiti on the wall of Albert Street School in Johannesburg, South Africa. The school was set up after the Xenophobic attacks in 2008 to provide a safe haven for the children of foreign migrants. Several years later it is still taking in foreigners as they battle to get into government run schools.